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Persian Culture for Non Iranians

Posted by Christen Behzadi on

Iranian culture & cultural customs are very important for us non-Iranians to become aware of when we interact with our Iranian friends.

I, as an American girl, was very motivated to write a guide after my own Persian Wedding (The Persian Wedding Book) because there are so many things that I had to learn trial by fire! For example, I had no idea why my husbands family kept bringing me gifts every time I saw them. If you have ever been on the receiving end of endless gifts from your Iranian friends you can relate to how uncomfortable it is when you do not understand the purpose of the gift or when to bring one yourself let alone WHAT to actually bring!

Then of course there is the idea when you come to an Iranian home there seems to be a certain flow of courtesies and generosities which I always found so warm-yet I wasn't sure exactly what my role was in all of that. 

Finally, we must always consider when we are tasked with actually hosting our Iranian friends! For the lengths of generosity they went through to host us now we must try to also return the favor kindly. 

The first 80 pages of my book ,The Persian Wedding Book, are dedicated to helping non-Iranians understand Iranian cultural ways. Here I will begin a new series which will highlight Persian Culture for Non-Iranians . We will cover & demystify the ways of hosting a true Iranian home gathering. From preparing the mehmooni table (party table) to what I call the Persian tea ceremony, Persian Dinner Ceremony, Persian Gift Giving Ceremony, Persian Home Welcoming of Guests Ceremony & my favorite the Persian Excellence in Generosity Ceremony "aka Taroff Kardan." Please check back under traditions & follow me along on Instagram as well ( @ThePersianWeddingGuru_ ) .  

Cheers & Love 

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