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A Persian Wedding Book

A Persian Wedding Book

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The Persian Wedding Book: How To Have A Persian Wedding When You Have No Idea What Persian Means 


A 350 page guide on The Persian Wedding by Dr.Christen Flack Behzadi, MD Managing Editor of 

This comprehensive guide is the only of its kind & includes everything you need to know to plan your Persian Wedding start to finish and is written with Non-Iranians in mind. This book was intended to help fill the culture gap between non-Iranians and Iranians but has become a very popular guide within the community itself. Topics by part included below. 

Part 1: Persian Immersion Camp & The History of The Persian Wedding 

Part 1 Topics Include; Zoroastrian Roots, Persians & Their Parties, The Groom & His Responsibilities, The Bride & Her Responsibilities, Persian Hospitality 101, Persian Dance, Parties & Attire. 


Part 2: The Courtship/Engagement Parties & Events 

Part 2 Topics Include; The Persian Mother & Courtship basics, Courtship Etiquette, The Meeting of The Couple (Didar /Ashnaei) , The Suitor (Khastegari), The Groom's Engagement (Baleh Boran) , The Engagement Party (Namzadi) 


Part 3: The Pre-Wedding Parties and Preparations: 

Part 3 Topics Include; Pre Wedding Shopping, The Wedding Table (Sofreh Aghd - 100 pages!) , Finding The Perfect Vendors, The Bridal Shower (Jahaz Boran) , Threading of the Bride (Band-Andazan), Good Luck Party (Hana Bandan) 

Part 4: The Persian Wedding 

Part 4 Topics Include; The Legal Wedding, The Start of the Day ( Persian Wedding Ceremony Day) , The Burning of The Espand, The Persian Wedding Ceremony in Full (Aghd), The Dove Release, The Grand Reception (Jashn Aroosi) 


Part 5: The Post Wedding Celebrations 

Part 5 topics include Madar Zan Salaam ( Saying hello and giving thanks to mothers), Pagosha (The start of the couple's new life guessed it a Party!) 



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