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Colored Espand (Esfand) for A Persian Wedding Table Sofreh Aghd

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7 packets of Brightly Colored Espand ( Esfand) 

Description: Handmade. 7 packets of Colorful, bold & brilliant Espand for A Persian Wedding Table : Sofreh Aghd.

Meaning (from The Persian Wedding Book): Espand performs a very important part of the Persian Wedding Ceremony- the warding off of "bad vibes" or bad energy generally. Traditionally there is  a tray with 7 bright vibrant colors of espand on the Sofreh Aghd (example shown in photo) 7 Bright colors of espand is used to not only neutralize negative energy but promote vibrant, positive energy around the couple with its bold brilliant colors. We hand make our colored espand to exact replicas of samples we picked up in a traditional bazaar in Tehran, Iran. Persian Grandmother tested and approved. ( U.S. copyright office TX78369000)

Little Known Persian Wedding Traditions: ( from The Persian Wedding Book): Did you know that in traditional Zoroastrian ceremonies (which the Persian Wedding is based) the space of A Sofreh Aghd was considered so sacred that no one was allowed to enter or come near the couple until the espand was burned over their heads? This was done by tossing loose espand seeds over burning coals and the rising smoke neutralizes any negative energy. This is still widely practiced today.

An abundance of espand is A Persian Wedding must.  7 Colors of Espand are available for purchase in our Sofreh Aghd Supplies. (U.S. copyright office TX78369000)

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*Use packets to create your own design or design similar to Inspiration Photo! 

*Sofreh Aghd Supplies 

* Hand Colored Espand

* Each Order includes 7 Bright Colors 

* Packet Size Shown in Photos 

*Other Items in Photo for decoration not included

* One order plenty for even intricate/large Sofreh Aghd Espand Design 

* Meaning on Sofreh Aghd { Wedding Table} : Ward off Evil Eyes. Adds Color/Warmth/Design. 

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*Ships within 7 days WORLDWIDE

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