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A Persian Wedding

 A Persian Wedding is a beautiful tradition. While we believe that A Persian Wedding is like a Persian Tapestry; meaning it can be enjoyed without a deep understanding of all the colors and symbols throughout- it is equally so that understanding this  ancient tradition can add meaning and warmth to any celebration for yourself, loved ones & your guests too. 

This site is a compilation of almost a decade of research, work and study into the ancient traditions of The Persian Wedding. Here, we peel away all the excess information and leave you with an approachable modern interpretation of A Persian Wedding of your very own. Tradition & convenience for the modern couple. 

My promise & purpose to you is that will  provide for you the most convenient & best value way to plan a historically/traditionally accurate Persian Wedding. Further, we promise to send you beautiful packages that are a joy to open filled with traditional sofreh aghd items made in superior handcrafted quality at lowest wholesale prices. We hope this combination of tradition, convenience, quality and low prices brings your Persian Wedding together beautifully with great quality & superior savings. 

Many blessings as you craft A Persian Wedding celebration of your very own. 


Christen Behzadi, MD 
Managing Editor