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Choosing Your Persian Wedding Guru Guides

Persian Wedding Guides come in two forms: Complete Guides & Quick Guides. 

  • Complete Guides:
  • Major Topics in The Persian Wedding 
  • 30+ Full Color Pages, Easy to Follow Layout, Professional Sofreh Aghd & Persian Wedding Images/Illustrations to walk through customs.  
  • Comprehensive of Traditions, Culture, Etiquette, Exact Verbiage of Ceremonial Exchanges, Essential Planning Need to Know Information
  • No matter who you are, if you are looking to plan a traditional Persian Wedding, this comprehensive guide is here to help you. It is your helpmate and guide to arranging such an event. It contains all you need to know whether you are a non-iranian, beginner, native Iranian or anyone who knows and loves Persian culture &  wants to know more about one of its most beautiful and beloved ceremonies.  
  • Designed to pull an authentic event together quickly in an organized manner these guides have "everything in one place." 
  • $25  each

Quick Guides: 

  • 2-4 pages in length.
  • Small topics in the Persian Wedding 
  • Pre-Wedding Events, Traditions, Post Wedding Events
  •  $5 each