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|| Persian Wedding Ceremony ||  Beginners Guide

|| Persian Wedding Ceremony || Beginners Guide

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Persian Wedding customs expert Dr. Christen Behzadi, MD guides beginners through the basics of the Persian Wedding Ceremony at the Sofreh Aghd.

*A beginners introduction to the Persian Wedding Ceremony at the Sofreh Aghd

* Download this guide for non-Persian wedding participants to get an easy introduction to the Persian Wedding.

* Major Points give a birds eye view of the ceremony

* Defines relevant Persian Wedding vocabulary related to the this celebration to assist in following guides in this series

* Introduces the Wedding Table/Sofreh Aghd role/meaning

* Cultural Etiquette including arbitration of expenses & event hosting between families of the bride and groom covered

* Beautiful professional photographs of a completed Sofreh Aghd , items, & couple during the ceremony to assist with following along in guide.

* Includes suggestions for "instant good impressions" for those looking to make that perfect impression in the family.

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