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Eggs Cluster (Handmade +Embellished) for A Persian Wedding Table Sofreh Aghd + Digital Guides

Eggs Cluster (Handmade +Embellished) for A Persian Wedding Table Sofreh Aghd + Digital Guides

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Eggs Cluster (Handmade + Embellished) + Digital Guides
    Description: Handmade Quality WHOLESALE prices!  One Beautiful egg cluster (plastic) for A Persian Wedding Table : Sofreh Aghd.
Meaning (from The Persian Wedding Book): Eggs, of course, represent fertility and are placed on the Sofreh to express hopes for a fruitful marriage, strong and healthy children and indeed for a long and honorable lineage. The decorated eggs on a Sofreh are sometimes among its highest art.  (U.S. copyright office TX78369000)

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Digital Guides: Because here at A Persian Wedding understanding the customs is just as important as the beautiful supplies you are purchasing for your Wedding Table. Here are some essential Persian Wedding guides sent along for you & your guests with this order.

1. A Sofreh Aghd: Items , Meaning, Symbolism : A Step by Step quick guide through each item, its historical meaning and ancient symbolism. Use as guide to make your wedding programs.

2. A Persian Wedding Table Illustration : As shown in example photo. Use for your wedding programs to explain and educate all your non-Iranians about the beautiful customs of the Persian Wedding!

3. A Persian Wedding Table guest guide: explanation of Persian Wedding ceremony for guests.


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