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|| Persian Wedding Ceremony || Family of the Bride's Guide

|| Persian Wedding Ceremony || Family of the Bride's Guide

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Persian Wedding customs expert Dr. Christen Behzadi, MD guides you through the traditional role of the Bride's Family during the Persian Wedding Ceremony at the Sofreh Aghd. Through this informative guide you will learn about:

* Pre-Wedding Day rituals

* The two pre-wedding parties which are hosted by family of the bride

* Traditional gifts given at the Sofreh Aghd to the couple by the bride's family

* Relevant Persian vocabulary as it related to this event

* The Family of the Bride's role during Persian Wedding Ceremony

* Cultural Etiquette for this event (who pays, who hosts, where is event held)

* "Instant Good Impressions" section included with suggestions for bride's family members who want to make that extra effort, follow tradition and make a great impression.

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