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A Persian Wedding Table: Sofreh Aghd Supplies

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The Persian Wedding Guru's Sofreh Aghd Supplies  

Cost saving way to prepare a gorgeous wedding table. Perfect for the DIY Bride.

|| Sofreh Aghd Supplies Basic Package || 

1. 7 Colors of Wild Rue | 7 Bright Colors of Espand| : 7 individual packets. Meaning-is used to purify the space & ward off evil eyes.

2. Authentic Persian Termeh (3ft by 3 ft): Adds authentic Iranian art decoration. Meaning- Used to beautify space & honor Iranian art/history.  

3. Sugar Cones | Kaleh Ghand | : Two 6 inch sugar cones, Undecorated. NOT Tulle or lace wrapped. Customize to your wedding/Sofreh Aghd theme with lace, tulle, flowers! Meaning: Rubbed over couple's head during ceremony. Falling sugar meant to "sweeten" the marriage. 

4. 1 beautiful Veil | Ghand Cloth | : Used to Catch the sugar during the Persian Wedding Ceremony at the Sofreh Aghd  

5. MINI Gold Coins | Sekkeh | (with Mobarak Baad written on them): Persian Wedding Coins. 5 coins included. Meaning: To wish prosperity for the couple. When the wedding is over tradition says to wrap these in a pouch, sew the pouch shut and keep in the home to infuse to good luck of riches for the couple. 

6. Rock Candy: | Nabaat | (either yellow) 4 pieces on stick individually wrapped. Meaning: to sweeten marriage. In very traditional Iranian Weddings these are of particular importance. The rock candy is taken after the ceremony and passed to guests & they use it in their tea. It is said that the good luck of the couple is infused in the tea & whoever drinks it will get their wishes to come true! This rock candy is especially lucky! 

7. Authentic Persian Wedding Candy- | Noghl | - 5 oz. These small white candies made of almonds and sugar are very traditional to Iranian Weddings. They are included on the wedding table. For Decoration only. 

8. Eggs: 3 white painted wooden eggs for decorating. These beautiful high quality eggs are true craft eggs perfect for the creative art or ready to go nicely as they come. - Meaning is to wish for fertility & a fruitful marriage for the couple.  

Includes The Following Guru Guides:

1. Persian Wedding Ceremony Vows 
2. Sofreh Aghd Items, Meaning, Symbolism (Exclusive & Only available with supplies order) 
3. Beginner's Guide to Persian Wedding Ceremony

* Additional Decor in Photos not included . Images of Professionally Decorated items for Inspiration only. 

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*Ships within 14 Days WORLDWIDE ** International orders MUST contact me first for shipping estimates ** 

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