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A Persian Wedding Club : Luxury Handmade Sofreh Aghd Supplies Package

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The Persian Wedding Club Package includes 

1. A Selection of Sofreh Aghd Supplies for A Persian Wedding Table (see below) 

2. The Persian Wedding Book (350 page guide on The Persian Wedding explaining every event, what to do, etc.)  : normally $55 on  

3. Digital Guides , Custom Sofreh Aghd Illustration, Guest Guide Explainations 



Sofreh Aghd Items Included 

1. Nuts Cluster : 2 Almond Clusters 

2. Wedding Coins (Gold or Silver)  

3. 4 Bread Flowers ( Sangak or Lavash bread flowers): Four handmade bread flowers included. 

4. 7 Bright Colors of Espand/Wild Rue 

5. 2 Rock Candy Flowers ( in Gold or Silver) 

6. Wedding Favor of Rock Candy Individual (Nabat): 20 pieces ( white, stick rock candy): These are to be passed to guests as traditional wedding custom after Sofreh Aghd ceremony. Comes with 20 professionally designed and printed tradition cards for your guests to explain the good luck tradition of the Persian Wedding. 

7. Sugar Cones: Kalleh Ghand - set of 2 for Persian Wedding. These come plain and are traditionally wrapped in Tulle and decorated special for the couple. 

8. Persian Termeh: Traditional Persian tapestry included on Sofreh Aghd. 

9. Esfand/Espand/Wild Rue Flower: in Silver or Gold , Two are included . 



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