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A Persian Wedding Club : Luxury Handmade Sofreh Aghd Supplies Package

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PThe Persian Wedding Club Package includes 

1. A Selection of Sofreh Aghd Supplies for A Persian Wedding Table (see below) 

2. The Persian Wedding Book (350 page guide on The Persian Wedding explaining every event, what to do, etc.)  : normally $55 on  

3. Digital Guides , Custom Sofreh Aghd Illustration, Guest Guide Explainations 



Sofreh Aghd Items Included 

1. Nuts Cluster : 

2. Noghl (Persian Wedding Candy) Cluster: 

3. 2 Bread Flowers 

4. Decorated White Eggs Cluster

5. 7 colors of Espand /Wild Rue 

6. Rock Candy Cluster (Nabat) 

7. Ghand Cloth : Sugar Veil to be held over couple's head 

8. Sugar Cones : Kalleh Ghand 

9. The Persian Wedding Book 

10. Authentic Persian Termeh 

11.Rock Candy ( Nabat ) Flower Gold or Silver 

12. Colored Espand Flower ( We are currently sold out of Gold espand flowers so silver espand flowers will be substituted in their place) . 


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